Quick Share – Prayer to the element water


As a practicing Druid I try to demonstrate my love and respect not only for all life and our mother earth, but also the beautiful elements that share our home. They are like brothers and sisters to me, and there is nothing more satisfying than to offer up a prayer to them and exchange positive energy and love.

Here is a beautiful prayer to water from the website legionofpagans.com.

O Great Element of Water, of the tide and the seas
Of the babbling brook, the gentle rains that ride the breeze
Bringer of Life! From the West you cleanse and sustain me
In the Storms You bring me your Strength and Fluidity
Your flowing essence and vitality
This I humbly pray as I honor you in my life today
Through Waterfall, River and Sea
May you charge, and empower me!
Wash away all stress and woe
Let my thoughts like rivers flow
Let confusion fade away
So I may focus upon my day

This is the prayer I have on my water prayer card. It’s an effective way for me to invite the element water into my rituals and connect with him/her.

Happy praying! 🙂


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