Quick Share – A prayer to the element air


Another prayer in my collection of prayers to the elements. This one also comes from legionofpagans.com and is to the element air. It’s one of my favorites and never gets left out of a ceremony. I also include it in my rosary to the elements. Here it is.


O Great Element of Air, Of the Winds and the Breeze
Ye that carries the Birds and rustles the Trees
Bringer of Life! From the East ye hail
Where the sailor waits and sets his sail
I bow before you as I honor thee
Lend me your Strength and Prosperity
Ye that fans the Blessed Fire
Work my will, by my Desire!
Upon my path this very day
Aid me as I walk our way
Blow away all negativity
All doubt, and worry away from me
Mind be open, bright and clear
Free from lifes stresses and fears
This I humbly ask of thee
As thy winds blow and caress me

Happy praying! 🙂


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