Yoga – A great way to find balance


Trying to lead a life that includes a healthy amount of spirituality can be challenging. I constantly feel pulled out of balance by a legion of daily tasks, business concerns, household chores, and family responsibilities. It’s hard to just sit and be, to find that place of peacefulness that lets me get in touch with my inner self. Yet, I know it’s vital to disconnect daily, even if just for a short while.

Thankfully, I found a practice that allows me to do just that. It’s yoga. Practicing in the morning gets me calm and centered for the day ahead. Practicing at night brings a peaceful sense of accomplishment from the day and settles me down to sleep. Either way, I get a much needed disconnection from the daily grind and the opportunity to appreciate myself as a being of light and love. Throw in a short meditation afterward, and it becomes a complete practice of physical and spiritual renewal.

peaceful-yoga1One thing I find really important about my yoga practice is to make sure I’m not disturbed. I turn my cell phone off, I close the door, and I make sure there are no videos or TV playing. Removing distractions allows me to look deep inside myself. It’s easier to find and connect with my authentic self, the person I was meant to be before life altered it all.

After removing distractions, the next most important thing for me is to set the mood. Meditation music and incense is a must. I may also light candles. These are the things that soothe and calm me. I find myself utterly carried away and deeply relaxed when the mood is right. The last thing I do is clear my mind. If problems or distractions crop up in my head, I imaging a cool breeze blowing them away like autumn leaves, and they bother me no more.

meditationOnce the postures are finished, I end with a short meditation of about five minutes. This is where the real spiritual benefit comes in. Yoga helps get me to the place where I can settle down and let things go. It’s one of the best ways to strengthen my spirituality. When my mind is calm, I believe it is assimilating everything I do with my core being. My body and mind get a chance to connect in a way it otherwise can’t. This is what makes it so valuable to me as a spiritual practice. It’s one thing to intellectually learn Druidry. It’s another to let it sink into your soul. I believe that’s what yoga and meditation do for me.

Yoga is a perfect accompaniment to any spiritual practice because it helps us find balance, calms our being, and allows us to get in touch with our deepest pure self. It takes no investment other than time and is best accomplished alone or with an intimate partner. I really love my yoga practice and couldn’t get along without. Give it try  if you ever feel inclined. You may be surprised at the results.


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