Getting back in touch with Druidry

01 buddhas-enlightenment

As I’ve mentioned before, I was pulled pretty strongly away from regular spiritual practice by the healing and creativity that resulted of my Druidry work, which is pretty ironic. Once I realized I could actually be a successful and valued person in this world, it was kind of like a damn breaking. All the things I wished I could be were suddenly right before me, waiting to be realized, with nothing to hold me back. For the past year I’ve been completely out of balance with my business and self expression projects dominating my life. Don’t get me wrong. It’s been great. I’ve learned there is absolutely nothing I can’t accomplish if I really want it. I feel so blessed because that’s a belief I don’t think many people have about themselves.

magicBut now the tide is ebbing, and it’s time to make spirituality part of my daily and weekly life again. I’ve reestablished a weekly ceremony that honors and connects with the elements, the ancestors, and the realms of this earth (plant, mineral, animal, and human). I’ve resumed my monthly Ovate lessons, which I’m particularly excited about, and I’ve decided to renew my commitment to Druidry in a special ceremony that will be somewhat like my initiation. The important thing here to clearly state my intent and declare it to the universe, to bring my desires into the physical world with ceremony and ritual, thereby manifesting it into reality.

With an apple for renewal and mistletoe for sacredness, I will recommit myself to the study and practice of the Ovate grade. Candles, incense, meditation music, and prayer will all play a big part in my renewal ceremony, and I will try and reconnect with my spirit Ovate guide, Arrol, who first introduced himself last year during my initiation ceremony into the Ovate grade. I’ll write my mentor about it to let her know how it went.

I feel a very strong urge to do this ceremony but the urge is also to do it right. I’m taking my time, gathering my supplies, and waiting for the right moment to perform it because I feel this will be a very important moment on my journey. For me, it’s not about reaching the end. It’s about experiencing the journey itself, what happens, what I learn, how I feel, and what insights I can gain. It’s about learning what makes me tick, how I can be a better me, and how I can make the world better with my unique talents and abilities. I think I’m ready for that.


Blessings to all who are on the same journey. I hope you find what you’re looking for, and I hope I do, too.


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