A ceremony for renewal


Over the weekend I performed a ceremony for recommitting myself to my spirituality and Ovate studies through OBOD. It was a way for me to create in the physical world the intention of my heart. It was a ceremony for spiritual renewal, and it was wonderfully soul cleansing. I even felt better physically, as if I had gained strength and sturdiness with my feet firmly on the ground.

I won’t go into detail about the ceremony itself. It was a basic celebration ceremony using prayers and techniques I learned in the Bardic course. But the messages I received I would absolutely like to share. Please understand these are messages I received for me personally, and they have no special bearing on any other person or spiritual practice. 🙂

love yourself

The most important message I received is one I think everybody could benefit from. That is to love yourself. Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to make mistakes, to stray a bit, and to not be perfect. I think this one in particular came to me because I felt bad for not keeping up my spiritual practice every day. I never turned my back on it completely, but it certainly wasn’t the priority it had once been.

I needed to receive that message. It allowed me to let go of the guilt. After letting that go, I was able to more fully appreciate the ceremony itself and be more open to it’s other messages.

labarinthAnother thing I took away from the ceremony is that spiritual development is seldom a straight path. It’s more like the neolithic labyrinths etched into the ground with such care. They are never straight and narrow, sure in their course and meaning. They meander, they curve, they zigzag, and they take you on a journey that can lead to some very unexpected places. That’s what I realized my own spiritual journey has been like. It’s a very freeing message. To me, it means I don’t have to worry about my own plans or expectations. I can let the universe send me where it wants me to go. I can be completely open to new ideas and new thoughts instead of concentrating on the ones I expect to gain. I like that.

spiritual selfThe last big message I received was that the spiritual self as it relates to the spiritual realm is kind of like a blank slate. We can develop our spiritual selves in ways we may not be able to develop ourselves in the physical world. This doesn’t mean fantasy or daydreams. This has to do with our inner selves, our souls, our divine beings that can be taken in directions we choose. It’s important to be open to what the universe is telling us and where it guides us, but we can also choose our purpose. If we have a strong calling toward the shamanic or healing or teaching, these are things we should explore. Our spiritual selves may have important contributions to make in a certain area.

These were the most important messages I received through my renewal ceremony, and I thank the spirits, the elements, and the ancestors for their presence, their guidance, and their blessings. If you are interested in trying your own renewal/re-commitment ceremony, check out the Internet for some ideas. It’s a very empowering experience.

Love and light to all.


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