Quick Share – A prayer to the element fire


This is the prayer to the element fire from legionofpagans.com. It makes up the third prayer of the prayers to the elements, and it’s one I use regularly.


O Great Element of Fire! that Cleanses and Purifies
Ye that flickers and dances from Earth to Sky
Ye brings warmth and security with thy sacred Flame
From the South ye comes as I call thy name
Passion and Strength are born of thee
The flame of Life burns deep within me
By Candle, and Hearth and Blessed Bonfire
Work my will, By my Desire!
May you Light my path this very day
As I walk my life upon my way
I bow before you as I honor thee
Lend me your Strength, Passion and Vitality
That I may share with those I know
And your flame will burn and ever grow

I hope you enjoy these prayers as much as I do. They are an important part of my regular celebration ceremonies, and I hope others will benefit from them as well.

Happy praying! đŸ™‚


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