Quick Share – Prayer to the element earth


This is the last of the prayers to the elements, but certainly not the least. I love this prayer especially because of the grounding effect it has. I feel so stable after reciting this prayer that I’ve added it to my elements rosary and use it whenever I feel the need for stability. It also comes from the website legionofpagans, as do all the element prayers I’ve shared.


O Great Spirit of Earth, from which all life springs
Upon whom we rejoice and dance and sing!
From the North ye hail with your pulse of Life
You bring Strength and Security in our times of Strife
You are our Foundation and our Home from which all life grows
You nurture and ground us as your deep life force flows
With your beautiful greens and rich, deep browns
Your vibrant tapestry of life around us abounds
I bow before you as I honor thee
Lend me your comforting Stability
May I stay grounded upon my path this day
May I walk in your footsteps as I go my way
May we care for you and only take what we need
Let us not be driven by want and greed
May we cherish and honor the place of our birth
Our Blessed, Beautiful Mother Earth!

I hope you’ve found these prayers helpful. They are an integral part of my practice and a very important method of sharing love of the earth and all things in it.

Happy praying, everyone. 🙂


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