Visualization – A powerful tool


One of the most important lessons I learned from OBOD was the value of visualization. As I’ve stated in previous posts, it’s the language of the subconscious. We can’t speak to our subconscious mind the way we can our conscious mind, or intellect. It’s a function hidden deep within ourselves that can’t be easily accessed, like hidden files on your computer. The subconscious does it’s thing without direct intervention, like an autopilot. Sometimes, however, what is written in the code of it’s programming no longer applies to our present circumstances. It needs to be updated. Visualization is the key to updating the subconscious.

visualizeHow to
The best way I know to use visualization is a little like meditation. The main difference is instead of emptying your mind, you fill it with what you want to accomplish. In effect, you are seeing in your mind’s eye the changes you want to happen in reality, seeing the story you write for yourself, and the happy ending, of course.

I’ve used this technique to great effect in my Druidic studies and OBOD lessons. It’s allowed me to literally change my perception of myself, my life, and my accomplishments. Without the ability to visualize and communicate with my subconscious, I would not be nearly as far along my path as I am now.

try-hardIt takes practice
Visualization does take practice, though. It may not be as difficult as rolling a boulder up a steep cliff, but it does take effort to become effective. People who have the most luck with visualization say the more they use it, the more effective it is, kind of like a muscle. A person who tries visualization who hasn’t done it before may not see immediate results. That’s okay. I don’t know of many things of value that come easily or quickly. When I started using visualization, it took about a week of daily practice before I started to perceive any results at all. Then, as the weeks went by, the results presented stronger and stronger until I had accomplished what I set out to.

Visualization is one of the things that is highly underrated in society today, but it can be a great tool in the tool chest of anyone seeking a spiritual path or to deepen their spirituality. For those who try it, keep at it. The benefits will come. You just need patience and confidence in yourself. You can direct the path of your life.

Blessings and light.


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