In times of stress, say a prayer


It’s one of the most overlooked spiritual tools we have. Prayer. We know it’s there, of course, but how often do we utilize this highly effective practice outside of our regular rituals and ceremonies? Probably not enough. When I get stressed out or frustrated with something, I rarely take a moment to say a simple prayer. And it only takes a moment. It doesn’t even need words. It can be as simple as visualizing the stress releasing from the body and drifting up to the heavens to bother us no more.

Letting it go
spirit praySome people pray to Gods and/or Goddesses, some to the Universal or Great Spirit, and some to the elements or ancestors. Regardless of where the focus is, it’s always helpful to call on a little outside help to get through tough days when we need it. It’s a way to let go and give it to the universe.

I find prayers to the elements especially helpful. Each element has its own strengths, strengths we can call on when our own are slipping away. For instance, Earth has a great deal of stability to draw from, Air has freedom, Fire is active and moving, and Water is tranquil and serene. A short prayer to any of the elements is helpful at times when we may need extra of these virtues.

element-rosearyPrayer beads
Prayer beads can be a great tool for focusing concentration and intent during prayer. I use my elements rosary often, especially when I have a little extra time. It allows me to connect and draw from all the elements in times of need. You can also find or make single element prayer beads, or beads made for a specific God or Goddess or for ancestor prayer.

Worry stones can be used in the same way. They can be etched with a specific symbol or element and used to focus prayers. Worry stones have been used for centuries to alleviate stress and anxiety by self-soothing. And really, that’s what prayer is all about. Soothing ourselves in times of need and getting that little extra help from our spiritual beliefs during rough times.

Whether you believe in Gods/Goddesses, a Great or Universal Spirit, or the power of the ancestors, prayer is a simple and effective way to deal with stress and anxiety. It’s a powerful tool for anyone seeking spiritual enlightenment or walking a spiritual path. And it’s always there for us, no matter how developed our spirituality is or is not. I’m going to take a moment for quick prayer myself.

Blessings and light.


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