What spirituality means to me


Spirituality means different things to different people, all of them valid. I make no claim to know what spirituality should mean to everyone or suggest that I have the one true definition of spirituality. In fact, I’ve found that no matter how different people’s views may be, the one thing they share without exception is that when they believe, they do so with their whole heart and soul, just like me.

spirituality 2A definition of spirituality
Once, I read a definition of spirituality that I’ve never forgotten. I can’t remember the source, but it went like this: Spirituality is our emotional response to this world and our place in it. For me, that was a profound thought and one that brought into focus a couple of points. The first is why some people are so passionate about their spirituality. Second, why I feel incomplete without it.

When I thought about spirituality as part of my emotional self, it made a lot of sense. I always feel it when I haven’t made time for prayers, studies, or general gratitude. I feel like something is missing, as if part of me is empty. I also realized that for myself, a life without spirituality is a life half lived. Living only in the physical material world is not enough for me to feel like a complete being. I need to also live in spirit, taking the time to care for and develop what I believe is a very important part of my emotional self. When I do that, I not only feel complete, but I also feel more deeply connected to the world around me and to my fellow beings.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not implying that people who aren’t spiritual are wrong or living incorrectly. Not at all. I’m just saying for myself, these ideas make a lot of sense. For me, it’s an important part of what makes me, me.

inside-eco-spirituality-417x280Spirituality and emotions
When looked at side by side, spirituality has a lot to do with emotions. The most common reason for people practicing spirituality is because it feels right, or it feels good. We can get emotional during devotions, and we are stirred during ceremony and ritual. I’ve seen people moved to tears in powerful moments. This may be the influence of the deity the individual believes in, but it may also be our connection with our world and our place in it on a deep emotional level not possible in the material world. It could be that when we acknowledge and feed our emotional beings with spirituality, we are becoming stronger, wiser, and more balanced within our own lives. Which is why I’ve reconnected to my spirituality. I needed that deeper sense of connection to existence and to all life. And with that connection comes a deeper appreciation and love. And really, isn’t that the aim of spirituality? To promote love and respect of all life? That’s what I like to believe.

Blessings and light to all.


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