It’s no surprise that as a practicing Druid my very favorite time of year is spring. I love everything about it, the sights, sounds, smells, and feel. I live in a small southern town with lots of trees, so spring here inevitably means the coming home of many birds. Many, many birds. As they fly in by the thousands, spring mornings are full of an amazing variety of bird calls, chirps, and whistles. I love the birds especially as the harbingers of the end of winter.

We all know spring is the time to shake off those winter blues, come outside, and bask in the awakening beauty around us. The landscape becomes that specific shade of green seen only in the new growth of trees and grasses, the air is fragrant with the perfume of blooming flowers, and the world begins to waken again from its long winter sleep. It’s more lovely than words can describe. Soon, those of us who follow the Wheel of Year will be celebrating Beltane with gratitude and reverence.

It’s my custom to welcome the seasons as they change in my own personal ceremonies. It gives me a feeling of familiarity to connect on a personal level with the spirits of the seasons and maybe learn a little something from them that I can apply to my own journey. In a recent personal ceremony to welcome Spring and connect with its spirit, I received a reminder that will go far to help me in my own life, and I’d like to share it. I think sometimes I forget the lessons of the seasons and tend to idealize them and their energies. This lesson pulled me back down to earth, and I’m grateful for its message.

bird warsA reminder
The lesson I received is that spring is a beautiful time, yes, but we shouldn’t forget the realities of it. It’s not simply joyful frolicking and basking in the sun. It’s a season of battles and struggle. New life does not flow into the world easily. It fights for place, it fights for dominance. The coming of the birds back to my town is wonderful to see, but it also brings the bird wars, as I call them. All during spring I see birds fighting to establish their mates and their nesting spots. For such beautiful and gentle creatures, they can be astonishingly determined. It’s that determination that leads to the bird wars, some raucous enough to make a person look out their window to find out what the heck is going on.

new lessonsThe lesson
The real lesson is that the essence of spring is new battling old, the unproven battling the established, and that’s a profound idea for everyone. We learn new things every day, especially those of us who have committed ourselves to a spiritual path. I learn within the OBOD Ovate program new ideas of self, of place, and of thinking. Everything I’m learning is battling for dominance over my old established ways of thinking. In my mind and in my life I’m seeing a renewal of spirit, but that renewal doesn’t slip in gently. I have to do my part and be mindful of the lessons and actively embed them in my daily routine. If I do this, my spirit will grow and renew as the spring brings growth and renewal to all things.

Blessing and light to all.


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