AwenSymbolbasicI’m a pretty average person who’s lived a not-so-average life. I had a very rough start. Being raised in a violent and dysfunctional family left me with many scars, some visible, most not.

Part of my experience has been putting the pieces of my shattered life back together as best I can, and that’s led to all kinds of wonderful things, some of which I freely discuss in my posts. I married a wonderful man, my best friend, in fact, and we will soon be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. We’ve raised a fantastic daughter to adulthood together and built a home and a stable life. I went back to school to get my high school equivalency as an adult and then earned an associate degree of arts from my local junior college. I started my own online business three years ago, and it’s already earning real income. All in all, I’d say my adult life has made up for the nightmare my childhood was.

healingThis blog is about part of the healing I’ve been working on for decades. It’s about how I found a spirituality I can believe in and my journey with it. I joined OBOD years ago, finished the Bardic course, and am now working with the Ovate course. Because the OBOD courses are serious and for members only, I will not be sharing any course material or lessons specifically. I will be sharing my advancements, tips, and experiences down the Ovate path.

I honestly don’t expect anyone to read this blog. It’s more of a diary I can keep that won’t get lost amid all the projects and work I keep. It’s something I can turn to when I need inspiration and motivation. It can also show me how far I’ve come on my journey.

If anyone does actually read my posts, bless you. If you’re also on a spiritual path, may you find what you’re looking for as fully as I have.

Love, light, and peace to all.