Visualization – A powerful tool


One of the most important lessons I learned from OBOD was the value of visualization. As I’ve stated in previous posts, it’s the language of the subconscious. We can’t speak to our subconscious mind the way we can our conscious mind, or intellect. It’s a function hidden deep within ourselves that can’t be easily accessed, like hidden files on your computer. The subconscious does it’s thing without direct intervention, like an autopilot. Sometimes, however, what is written in the code of it’s programming no longer applies to our present circumstances. It needs to be updated. Visualization is the key to updating the subconscious.

visualizeHow to
The best way I know to use visualization is a little like meditation. The main difference is instead of emptying your mind, you fill it with what you want to accomplish. In effect, you are seeing in your mind’s eye the changes you want to happen in reality, seeing the story you write for yourself, and the happy ending, of course.

I’ve used this technique to great effect in my Druidic studies and OBOD lessons. It’s allowed me to literally change my perception of myself, my life, and my accomplishments. Without the ability to visualize and communicate with my subconscious, I would not be nearly as far along my path as I am now.

try-hardIt takes practice
Visualization does take practice, though. It may not be as difficult as rolling a boulder up a steep cliff, but it does take effort to become effective. People who have the most luck with visualization say the more they use it, the more effective it is, kind of like a muscle. A person who tries visualization who hasn’t done it before may not see immediate results. That’s okay. I don’t know of many things of value that come easily or quickly. When I started using visualization, it took about a week of daily practice before I started to perceive any results at all. Then, as the weeks went by, the results presented stronger and stronger until I had accomplished what I set out to.

Visualization is one of the things that is highly underrated in society today, but it can be a great tool in the tool chest of anyone seeking a spiritual path or to deepen their spirituality. For those who try it, keep at it. The benefits will come. You just need patience and confidence in yourself. You can direct the path of your life.

Blessings and light.


Chakra Work – Part 2


When I finished part 1 of this work, I had discovered my fears and examined them close up. Now it’s time to look at the behaviors these fears lead to. I’ve come up with several. These traits never show at home with my family, but only outside the house where I don’t feel quite so secure.

My fears tend to manifest in three main ways:

  1. I tend to keep myself secluded from, well, everything. I avoid gatherings, social functions, and pretty much anything that involves groups of people, no matter how much I have in common with them. I much prefer the safety and security of home.
  2. Not being able to relax around people. I always feel the need to be on guard. For what, I’m not exactly sure, but I suspect it’s a case of being prepared for the trauma my subconscious seems to think is always about to erupt.
  3. Not being my authentic self to others, or in other words, being too nice. I am forever being too nice to people, even when they don’t deserve it. I think this is because I’m always trying to avoid conflict. I hate conflict and drama.


The need for control. It’s never far behind anything, is it? I find that my need for control doesn’t extend to other people so much as it influences my actions. Controlling my environment, or at least what environment I’m in, is the way I deal with feeling insecure, so I stay away from gatherings. Not being able to relax around people is me controlling myself so not to be vulnerable to insult or injury. Not being my authentic self is me trying to control the exchange between myself and someone else I’m not sure of.

What could I gain from letting go of this fear and control? Simply put, freedom. The freedom to be my authentic self. The freedom to enjoy and contribute at social gatherings. Most of all, the blessings of gaining good will, positive energy, and wisdom from people in the moment, something I have a very hard time doing now.

lessons from childhood

Letting go
The past taught me many lessons. The biggest lesson I learned was that lack of control led to fear, pain, hate, and doubt. I don’t ever want to feel those things at those levels again. My subconscious mind knows this and tries it’s best to protect me. It protects me by limiting my exposure to other people and uncertain situations. But these lessons no longer apply.

My subconscious is holding on to lessons learned that have no relation to the life I currently live. They are hindering me instead of keeping me safe, as they once did. There are several things I learned that can help me move beyond these lessons and put them, my fears, and my need for control to rest.

  1. Visualization – Visualization is the language of the subconscious. By using visualization, you can let your subconscious know what you need now when there is no other way to speak to it.
  2. Meditation – Meditation allows us to tap into our true authentic selves and use our inner wisdom to guide us where we need to go or in what we need to let go of.
  3. Ritual – Ritual allows us to express our thoughts and feelings in the physical world. It enables us to manifest our intent and purpose here on earth from the seeds in our hearts.

I’ll probably use at least two of these methods, if not all three, in exercises to clear my root chakra. That will be the next post for chakra work.

Chakra Work Part 1

The chakras

One of the subjects I’ve chosen to research and work with while on my Ovate journey is chakras. It always seemed a mysterious concept, but I thought it would be a great companion to the inner work I’m doing through Druidry. I’ve read several sources, none exhaustive, but all pretty good in explaining the basic principles.

So I have an idea of what chakras are and how they influence our bodies and minds. I know that improving the energy flow of the chakras and unblocking them balances us and leads to emotional, physical, and spiritual well being. Okay, bring it on.

Symbol for root (earth) chakra

The most natural place for me to start is chakra 1, the earth chakra, or root chakra. It sits at the base of the spine and is connected with survival, self-esteem, and security. It is the grounding force that allows us to connect with the earth’s energies and empower our beings. In simple terms, it’s blocked by fear.

Fear is a powerful emotion and strong motivator for animals and humans alike. It keeps us aware if we find ourselves in bad situations and serves as an early warning system in the form of unease. It keeps us alive and out of harm’s way if we let it. But there’s a problem with fear. Fear that presented itself in the past when we needed it can hang on when we no longer need it. Fear brought on by difficult and even dangerous circumstances that served its purpose in the past may have become embedded in our hearts and souls. What worked back then is a burden to us now. It makes us doubt ourselves, gives us incorrect messages, and motivates us in the wrong ways. It can also keep the Earth chakra blocked.

I know without a doubt that I’ve held onto my fear too long. I’ve learned to let a lot of it go, but I still have a lot left. The trouble with growing up in fear, pain, and humiliation is that there was never a time without it. To rid yourself of it is to rid yourself of something you’ve always had, something you have never been without. In an odd way, it’s familiar, almost comfortable. That familiarity, that comfort, can be summed up in the old saying, “The devil you know is better than the one you don’t.” You see, in a perverse way people can be afraid of changing themselves to get rid of the fear. I am squarely in that category, though I don’t like to admit it.

FearI started wondering what I could do to work on this particular issue. I used many new ideas and tools to let go of so much. What else could I do to weed out the remaining fear? I did some research and came up with some useful looking ideas. The first is to clarify exactly what the fear, or fears, are. Look deep to find the very core of the fear.

For me, it’s pretty simple. I’m terribly afraid of being the useless, stupid, problem to everyone that I was brought up to believe. I’m afraid that I really don’t have any worth, that I’m not deserving of respect, consideration, or even regard. I’m most afraid that I’m not a real person, and I’ll never attain real personhood. Of course, intellectually I know this is not the case. I went back to school as an adult and earned my high school equivalency, then earned a two year associate of arts degree from the local junior college. I’ve been married to the same wonderful husband for 30 years this December, successfully raised a beautiful daughter, and started my own business that makes actual income. Not too shabby in anyone’s book, I think. But the fear is still there, and I see it clearly and distinctly. Tip one accomplished.

understanding behaviorNow that I clearly see what the fear is, I can find the behaviors it leads to. This is where I have to be extremely honest with myself. Meditation helps to focus my mind on finding the ways I act on my deepest fear. Dodging this part or only doing it by halves won’t get me where I need to be, so I have to be completely candid to bring it to light. The best way for me to do this is to make sure I don’t blame myself. I have to have love and patience and acceptance to get where I need to go. I think I can do it.

I’ll continue this in Part 2 as I do the work.