The sacredness of Water


I’ve posted prayers to all the elements on this blog, to Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. I use these prayers in my spiritual practice to connect with the elements in a personal way. I have a deep abiding respect and love of the sacred elements of the Earth, and I gain a lot from communing with them on a regular basis. Water, however, has a special meaning for me. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always been drawn to Water. I love the look, the feel, the sound, and the movement of Water, and years ago, I realized a special aspect of that element that brings home the true sacredness of it. It puts us in communion with every bit of life on Earth that ever has been or ever will be.

forestDruid’s love nature and all life. We respect, honor, and revere the natural world and all it encompasses. Plants, animals, the sacred elements, the sky, and the land make up our pantheon of beloved beings. But sometimes we’re drawn to one being in particular, whether an ancestor, an animal, a god/goddess, or an element. We might never know what draws us, but for me, it started in a college geology class.

earth systemsLessons about our world
In college I learned things about our planet and its systems that impacted how I see it and relate to it. It was enlightening and gave me a whole new perspective on how amazing, intricate, and complicated our home is. One system responds to another exactly the same way a body’s systems respond to each other. It’s amazing when you get a basic feel for the workings of the planet, and I can easily see how people believe (including myself) that the planet is a living conscious being. I would encourage anyone whose spirituality is based on nature to either read about geology or watch some good documentaries. The more we as practitioners learn about the planet and how it works, the more we can appreciate it as a living being worthy of our respect and reverence.

BesseggenWater of Life
For most scientists, the Earth’s system, being a closed system, has all the resources that it ever has or ever will have. If we think about it, it makes sense. Since this planet formed some 4.5 billion years ago, very little has been deposited on the planet aside from the occasional meteorite or asteroid, and very little goes off the planet. The origin of Earth’s water is still hotly debated, but we feel we understand that once it was here, that was it. No more, no less, just what’s here. And that is the fact that led me to realize just how sacred Water is.

Water is the one element we know of that is required by all life. Without Water there is no life. Even the belief that Air is necessary for life fell by the wayside in 2010 when scientists found a molecular life form that did not require Air to live. But Water still reins as the element absolutely necessary for life, at least life as we know it.

water-of-lifeThe memory of Water
If Earth’s water is the only water it’s ever had or ever will have, and all life on Earth needs water to survive, then the water we have now, that comes out of the faucet, out of the sky, or out of us is the same water that’s been through all living things since living things emerged. Not only that, but that same water has been through every cloud in the sky, every river, ocean, stream, underground aquifer, and sea mist. It’s cycled not only through us, but through our entire environment and back again. Every tree and plant, every animal and bug, every fog and rain cloud has touched us through the element of Water. It truly amazes me that the water I drink daily is the same water my blessed ancestors drank, that the dinosaurs drank, that the Dali Lama drinks, and throughout the ages to come, that my descendants and all the descendants of this Earth will drink.

tree of lifeEchoes and seeds of life
Water literally connects us with the past, the present, and the future. It fills our beings with the echoes of life. It endows us with the seeds of life. It connects us with the Earth itself and every living thing on it. What in our world can be more deserving of reverence that that? For me, it places Water and all it embodies toward the top of the sacred list. Every time I drink a glass of water, I envision myself being energized with life itself. I feel my ancestors. I feel the planet. I feel the sky and oceans. It brings me into contact with everything I love.

Water is one of the most important things on this Earth. It should be respected and cared for as such. We can gain so much from fully understanding the impact of Water on us as individuals and as a collective. I hope we all become aware of Water’s gifts and use them wisely.

Bright blessings in the peace of the grove.


A Druid’s Daily Affirmation

Blue Ridge Parkway, NC.

As a practicing Druid, I find myself constantly learning new lessons and integrating them into daily life. I’ve transformed slowly from a mall-addicted materialist who placed all her value in what she owned into a true tree-hugging hippie completely devoid of commercialism. Needless to say I’ve learned a lot, but with the lessons and integration comes the inevitable tendency to slip into old patterns and habits. I don’t beat myself up over it, but I’ve found this daily affirmation helpful in my journey. I wrote it, and it reminds me of my responsibility to myself and to my chosen spiritual path.

tree meDaily Affirmation
I am a being of light, a daughter of the Earth and Sky,
One with the Universe.
I am a creature of intellect and biology.
I feel, but I also choose.
I am instinctive but also wise.
I can sense, but I also decide.
I have control over my actions with help of the Sacred Elements and Blessed Ancestors.
I continue to choose who I am
and will not lose the work I’ve done.

Daily affirmations are a great way to remind ourselves of what’s important to us, whether the focus is spiritual, family, or inner growth. They can be short with only a few words or long and poetic as long as they contain the essence of an idea.

People have been using affirmations for a very long time, and they can become a true motivating force in life. Even when we don’t really believe an affirmation, studies show that after about 30 days of repeating them, acceptance begins. The longer we say them, the more solid they grow in our lives. I think that’s important in today’s materialistic culture.

If there’s something in your life you’d like to see happen, try a daily affirmation that you create yourself. You’d be surprised at how powerful it can be.

Bright blessings in the peace of the grove.

My First Steps with OBOD

Stonehenge Wiltshire Lighting

I’ve been on a long journey for years, a journey of self-exploration and spirituality. Initially, I undertook my journey alone. I read and explored alternative and traditional spiritualities. I worked through self help books to get past the scars of a traumatic childhood lived in fear and pain. Then, in 2012 I discovered Druidry. I was enchanted. Not only did Druidry give me a spiritual outlet that actually expressed how I felt inside, but it was a self-development spirituality, as well. With Druidry I could express my spiritual side and my love of nature and all living things and do the inner work that still needed to be worked out.

The healing was well under way thanks to self help books and therapy, but something was missing. Since I couldn’t evolve normally from childhood to adulthood, all those lessons and experiences were not there. I had to go back and create myself again, the me I was intended to be. Amazingly, Druidry is helping me do just that. I found OBOD, a wonderful organization dedicated to acceptance of all, dogma of none, and reverence for all life. Not only that, but they have structured courses in three levels for those who wish to develop their inner creativity, deepen their love of the natural world, and seek wisdom as a life goal. It’s an all-in-one package that I was extremely fortunate to find and take advantage of.

what Druidry means to me.

I enrolled in the first of their three tiered coursed, the Bardic course in 2012. I worked on it for a little over a year and finished with the title of Bard. Then I enrolled in the Ovate course, the second tier of courses, and that’s where I am now. What I didn’t realize is all the healing and learning creativity created in me a desire to start my own business, something I would never have even dreamed of years ago. Starting a small online business from scratch with nothing but an idea and a hundred bucks eventually led to a livable income in only three years. I give a lot of credit for my creativity to OBOD and their Bardic course. Unfortunately, as my business grows, I find myself frequently pulled off balance, I think mainly because this is all so new to me. I’ve never felt so confident, so able, and so successful. The conflict is frustrating. Now that I’m in this amazing place and doing amazing things, I want to pour all my energy into it. But that leaves me feeling drained, and the only thing that eases that feeling is carrying on with my lessons. It’s been very hard to keep all this new energy for my business under control. But I’m reaching a point now that the surge is finally easing. I’ve been back to my spiritual practice for weeks now, and I feel pretty confident that the great tsunami of creativity and energy for my business is finally ebbing, and hopefully I will be able to continue a steady practice of Druidry.

I’ve begun taking stock of what I learned in the Bardic course, I’ve added to my tools and items I find essential to my practice, and I’ve gathered my course together to begin again. It’s been a year and a half, maybe closer to two years, since I’ve felt calm enough to dedicate myself to a weekly course, and I’m not entirely sure I will be able to continue uninterrupted, but I do feel more calm and secure about my business. That’s a good place to start.

And my new found creativity has benefited me spiritually, too. I made an elemental rosary which I use to pray to the elements and focus my mind. It’s made of aventurine, coral, fresh water pearl, and turquoise. I can’t believe how well it works for me.

Element Roseary
Pagan rosary beads for the elements earth, air, fire, and water made by me.

I’ve also made prayer cards to help me remember prayers to the ancestors and the elements. They come in handy.

I’m excited to be back on my way. Over the past several weeks, I’ve felt cleaner inside, more balanced, and definitely more in touch with the world as a whole. I continue to collect information, not just on Druidry, but on my ancestors as a whole, the Celts of southern Germany. I’m determined to finish my journey toward a well-balanced, confident, stable, and grateful life.